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European Catalogs


  French classic stamps (1849-1900; main,colonies,tax,etc.) good
also: old-mirror

  French stamps (1849-1998) not all
also: mirror and old-mirror
  French stamps (1849-1997) not all

  Icelandic stamps (1873-1944) good

  Icelandic stamps (1873-1996) thematic too

  Icelandic stamps (1995-2000)

  Austrian stamps (1947-2000)

(or select "Stamp Catalogue" from here)

  Austrian Stamps (1986-1996)

  Switzerland stamps (1843-1998)

  Deutsche stamps (1996-2001)
  German Colonies
  Irish stamps
  Netherlands 1872-1913 (not all?)
  Italian stamps (1861-1961) in Italian (see translator link), good

  Poste Italiane (1998-2001)
  Faroese Islands' stamps (1975-1998,1999)

and click "Stamps"/"Catalogue"/"Stamps"

  British Stamp catalogue (1840-1998) Also North.Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Monmouthshire, surcharge stamps.
  British Colonies
  Royal Mail of United Kingdom and click on "Stamp and collectibles"
  Bulgarian stamps (1997-2001 stamps,postal stationary,thematic,watermarks) and

  Bulgaria (now only 1998 year - it's the reconstruction?)
  Czech Post - Stamps (1993-2001) and click "List of Postage Stamps"

  Czech Stamps (1918-1999); use prev/next to navigate
  Chroatian post stamps (1906-2000)
  Republic of Croatia stamps (1991-2000)
  Luxembourg stamps (1852-2000) and go to "Stamp Reference"

  Estonian stamps(1997-2001)

  Estonica (related to Estonia) USSR stamps
  Latvian stamps (1919-1940,1991-1999)
  Ukrainian stamps (1992-1997)
  Russian: Stamp Images and Values (1857-...)



North American Catalogs


  Canada Post - Post Program (2000-2001)

and new issues

  Canadian Definitive Stamps

  Canada Stamp Programs from Linn's web site

  Kaulbach Island (1971-1984)
  USA Stamp programs 1994-1998 (without numbers and not all?)
and  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001
  U.S.A. Stamp News Release Archive of USPS (with details)
From July-1997 to December-2000:

and 2001:
  United States of America Stamp Programs from Linn's web site:


Australian Catalogues

  Australian Stamps
under construction (if you know any catalogs, please let me know also)

  New Zealand Stamps (1855-2001) good

  The New Zealand Dependencies


South American Catalogs

  Mexican stamps history (1910-1997) not all


Asian Catalogs


  Japanese stamps presentation (1994-1997)

History of changes in Japanese Postage Stamps (1871-1989) not all

  Singapore Stamps (1948-2000; stamps,labels) and click "Stamps of Singapore"

  Old (Imperial) Chinese stamps
and the old mirror.
  Thailand stamps (1883-1994)
  Armenian stamps (1992-2001)

  Nagorno Karabagh stamps (1992-2000)
  Persian / Iranian Stamps (1889-...)
  Iraq 1994-2001 (not all?)


African Catalogs

  Egyptian stamps (1884-1982) not all

  Some of latest Egyptian stamps
  Moroccan stamps (1996-2000)
  Tunisian Postal Stamps (1888-2001)


North Pole and Antarctic Catalogs

  Arctic and Antarctic stamp issues (world-wide)


Worldwide Catalogs

  Worldwide (bad illustrated)
  Stamp Programs of United Nations from Linn's web site


Other Catalogs

  Space Stamps
  Space (worldwide, bad illustrated, but big):
  Chess Stamps (worldwide)
  Chess stamps of Russia
  Sport: Olympic Stamps (1928-2000)




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